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Monday, August 22, 2011

Two Can Play This Game

   Recall mania continues to infest the political landscape in Michigan as both political parties continue their, "two can play this game" strategy.
   The state Republican Party is convinced that the state Democratic Party is secretly behind the more than two-dozen efforts to yank GOP lawmakers out of their house and senate seats.
   "The Democratic Party is not involved in recalls," protests chair Mark Brewer.  However, he does concede that local democrats are but who's keeping score?
     Stu Sandler is.  He's been hired by the GOP to go after some Democrats with hopes of recalling them a nasty game of tit for tat.
     Mr. Sandler aims toward next February when the state party holds a presidential primary to pick a GOP presidential standard-bearer for next year.  He anticipates a huge turnout of  voters who will stick around to recall some Democrats while they are at it.
    "It's a risky move," Mr. Brewer offers some unsolicited advice to his political rivals.
     Since democrats can vote in the GOP primary by merely signing a piece of paper, Brewer figures many D's will show up to vote against the recalls of their legislator and then stick around to vote for the worst GOP candidate for president, too.
     With a straight face, Mr. Brewer says he will not encourage this kind of mischief, but he laments, "I can't stop it."  Nor would he want to some critics might add.
      Meanwhile the pundits in this town are trying to figure out what impact recall mania will have on the governor's legislative agenda?  Democrats are hoping some nervous Republicans will think twice about supporting it
  since they might lose their jobs.
      And Republicans will tell the Democrats the same thing could happen if they don't play ball with the governor.
      This is war…with no peace talks in view.


Blogger Michigan Teacher said...

Recalls are the political equivalent of taking your ball and going home. It's unsportsmanlike, childish whining. Elections matter. If you don't like the results, you get to vote again in four years. The losers, no matter their party, should take their medicine and do better next time they're in power.

August 25, 2011 at 8:52 PM 

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