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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Snub or No Snub

      So maybe the invite got lost in the mail?
      West Michigan GOP Congressman Bill Huizenga doesn't think so. In fact he thinks the Obama White House snubbed him.
       Last week President Barack Obama made his second visit to Holland in less than a year.  He was celebrating a new car battery plant and for the second time in a row, he managed to hack off some key Republicans in the district.
       This time it was Mr. Huizenga.  Last year it was Congressman Pete Hoekstra.
       "I think you saw the campaigner-in-chief, not the Commander-in-Chief," observes Mr. Huizenga. He wanted to attend the Obama event but he never got the invite because Huizenga was critical in the Congress of the president's debt ceiling package.  That's his story and he's sticking to it.
        You mean the White House would try to get even?
         State Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer thinks not because, "they were all invited" from Gov. Rick Snyder on down.
        The Holland representative disagrees.  He says he contacted the White House a week before the gig and then waited for a responseā€¦and he waited.
        Five days later, the White House called acting "surprised" that he wanted to attend, according to his story.  He says someone said the no invite decision might be reconsidered but "there would be conditions" attached.
        "This is just over the top," the first term GOP Congressman moans.
        The real irony, he contends, is that the President's speech centered on the need for bi-partisan cooperation in Washington and an end to partisan bickering.
        Huizenga, who boasts a record of doing just that, concludes the President says one thing and does another.  Again Mr. Brewer contends nothing got lost in the mail so what's the beef?


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