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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Scott First Recall Victim?

    The list of Republicans subject to a possible recall is about as long as your arm as the anti-Snyder and pro-labor forces out there are on the march. But there isn't anybody in this town who believes for one second that dozens of lawmakers will be ousted from office.
    But picking off one or two?
    Now we can talk.
    Item: Rep. Paul Scott (R-Genesee County).
    Mr. Scott is a bit of an anomaly..a Republican in a heavily leaning Democratic region of the state.  Yet he won his house seat, he says, by a comfortable margin as he "beat the UAW" in the contest last year.
    He chairs the House Education Committee which has been steadily grinding out "anti-teacher" legislation according to the Michigan Education Association which is up to its eyeballs in trying to oust the chairman.
    With a goal of 10,000 names to bring this to a vote, the recall effort, reportedly collected about a third of the signatures in less than a week.  A $25,00O union contribution will certainly help as the August 5 deadline approaches.
     Mr. Scott confides if they got every teacher and UAW member to sign, this could get interesting, yet he reflects, "whatever is going to happen will happen" which is code for there is not much I can do about this.  It also masks the fact that he should be shivering in his boots.
     Well apparently some other forces are not nearly as sanguine because somebody is paying for robo-phone calls into the district urging citizens not to sign the recall petitions.
      One person supporting the recall could not be happier in that the calls are leading some of the citizens to ask, "I didn't know there was a recall.  Where can I sign one?"  In other words the strategy could back fire.
      Mr. Scott concedes, "that could be valid."
      The governor is getting into the act by attending a fund-raiser for the targeted Republican..that's a sure sign that there is some trepidation in the GOP ranks.
      Scott, in an attempt to get the last laugh, suggests, even if he is recalled, he could actually run for the seat again and end up serving longer than he can now.
      But first things first.  For now Mr. Scott is on the state's endangered species list.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think he and tghe rest of them should be recalled because of the pwoer they present to Governor Rick Synder. All these unjust laws are being voted on without thought and merit from the republican party. Most of whom are new followers of the GOP and do not know how to read into the laws or make laws and just sign because of going along with the party lines. I think they all should be recalled. I think the Emergency Manager law should be abolished along with proposal A.

August 1, 2011 at 10:22 AM 
Anonymous Afrobro said...

I think that he and the rest of the republican house and senate should be recalled because of the power they give to Governor Rick Synder. Former Governor Jennifer Granholm did not have support like this or she would have gotten a lot accomplished. All this unjust laws are being passed not becuase they were thought about long and hard because of political affliation. This is wrong. I say go back to the days in which Republicans and Democrats worked togetherfor the common good of the citizens instead of political gain. Former governor McMillenkin(R)(hopefully spelled correctly),former Attorney General Frank Kelly(D), US congressman Carl Levin(D) all worked together in order to get the Michigan State into shape. What happened? I will tell you, Former Governor John Engler and US senate Candice Miller were the worst negative and dirty campaigning antics in the history of michigan's of running for office. We should hold these people accountable. Recall Candice Miller instead of targeting Debbie Stabenow. Stop the negative and dirty campaigning.Think about it.

August 1, 2011 at 10:35 AM 
Anonymous Afrobro said...

Mr. skubick, how come you have not address the on-going concern with the new Emergency Manager law that has affected Pontiac enormously. The fact that is unconstitutional should be an on-going debate with everyone including yourself. How come you are not making this an on-going issue, perhaps because it's not happening in your city. You used to hald the politicians on your TV show accountable but it appears lately it's only been towards the Democrats. TrussmanRoss is suppose to be non-partisan but I can not tell. The recall effort should be brought up as well as the Emergency Manager law constantly. Please consider making this an discussion on you show until november 2012.

August 1, 2011 at 11:53 AM 
Blogger JWilly said...

Genesee County may be heavily Democratic, but Rep. Scott's district is historically relatively social-conservative-independent and tends to vote Republican. A lot of the petition signers are those social-conservative-independents. So why would they be signing petitions to recall a Republican representative? Could it possibly have something to do with his getting his office manager pregnant, then deciding not to marry her? And this was some action on the side, since at the time he already had a girlfriend that supposedly he was about to marry. Good example for young people, Mr. Scott.

August 13, 2011 at 10:36 PM 

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