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Friday, July 22, 2011

Randy Vs. Ricky

    The Hollywood film tax credit  has captured the imagination of common folks as it was used to bring tons of well-known stars into these environs and, given our preoccupation with celebrities, it was kind neat to see the likes of George, Clint and others showing up in our own back yards.
    Apparently the new governor is not celebrity struck.  After all he is a CPA and the only thing that lights his fire is balancing the numbers at the end of a spread sheet.
     Which explains why he was well on his way to eliminating the tax credit as just another lousy example of the state trying to pick winners and losers in ther market place.
      But the plot thickens with the entrance, stage right, of one Randy Richardville.  He is no Clint Eastwood or George Clooney but he is on his own mission to reinvent the Hollywood incentive to save the industry, not kill it.
      Oh, it should be mentioned that Mr. Richardville is the Senate GOP leader and one of the governor's top lieutenants, but not on this one.
      It's Republican leader vs. Republican governor and at this early read, it's unclear if this will be a  one or three act saga.
      Sen. Richardville, with relatives in the movie making business and a matinee idols look of his own, he wants to lower the credit from 42% to around 30% but producers could earn more if they worked Michigan employees and studios into the production.
      "We need a whole new framework," he explains after studying the situation for the last six months while the governor was moving to end the Hollywood bait.
       The Monroe Republican figures there is a "good economic return" if this new incentive is provided.
       Since Mr. Richardville has been carrying the water for the governor since the first of the year, it might be time for the governor to carry the bucket for his "partner."
       So far the governor has said nothing.  Maybe he's holding out for a part in a new movie:  The Nerd Goes to Lansing.


Blogger marv rein said...

why, does these tax hungry people.not to,,produce winners,,the Unofical life of Madonna??nope ,they just re-do classic,,red dawn?? Michugan was/is the Home of many famous people,the life of the FORBEs family?? HOFFA movie. get REAL FILM maKING people.,,Michigan was a end place of the "underground Railroad. must be a movie ,somewhere. Michigan is the Home of Karen Moncreff,director of,Dead Man car her life.what the panic,,DETROIT auto-workers were going thru, in the Downward path,,then the miracal..of President Obama's super mover to save their jobs??instead of staying at somerest Hotel,Troy Michigan..and sleeping in!!

July 24, 2011 at 6:46 AM 

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