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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gov. Kill Joy

   Smokers and hard liquor drinkers must have been buoyed by reports the other day, that lawmakers were thinking about cutting the taxes on tobacco and booze.  Talk about your Christmas in July.
   It made sense in that Republicans always believe that cutting any taxes is a sure fire way to kick start the economy.  Never mind that the evidence suggests it doesn't always work, but that was not the point. 
   It was a great political move in that many Republicans voted earlier this year to tax unsuspecting seniors, and this was a good opportunity to score some points with folks back home who might be hacked over that.
    After all some do still smoke and last time we checked, liquor sales have not dropped off the map.
    But turns out there is one Republican in this town who does not buy the GOP tax cut mantra, at least in this case.
    Asked for his thoughts on his level of support for these two tax cuts and the governor shot back, "The level of support here would be NONE."
    So much for that.
    Turns out Gov. Rick Snyder is on his way to balancing the state budget and plans to slice those two sin taxes might jeopardize those efforts.
    Now he was very careful to soften the blow of his lack of support by suggesting that lawmakers can debate anything they like and he respects that.
    But if they send this stuff to his desk, he owns a red veto pen ready for action.
    Sorry smokers and drinkers..maybe next governor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reference your piece "Synder (Snyder) may be headed for showdown with GOP" in the Oakland Press on 25 July 2011.

As predictable as the sun rising over Midland that was see cartoon and blog, and goes much deeper than "social issues" as you must be aware.

BTW - How about a story on the dozen ALEC bills that just got passed or are about to be passed? Hate to see you miss that one which about to take new dimensions. Bloggers doing all the work these days and arms getting tired doing all the flapping. This is a national story and major news now in at least 7 States, but not Michigan, we are all innocent here, right?

A Long-time Fan (and one of those stupid unpaid 'citizen' bloggers you can't trust) - Wish you the best, as always, and will let you get back to work now.

July 28, 2011 at 3:17 PM 

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