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Monday, July 25, 2011

Clark D-Who for U.S. Senate?

       It will be a real shocker if Clark Durant does not run for the GOP U.S. Senate nomination.  In fact instead of wasting your moola on the lottery were the odds are rotten, put a little money on him as the odds are much better he will get in.
       Some of you, maybe many of you are going Clark D-who?
       If you were around in 1990 Mr. Durant ran for the senate but lost to GOP winner Bill Schuette who proceeded to lose to one Carl Levin.
       Mr. Durant is back looking seriously and saying it is "highly likely" he will take on the equally entrenched incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow.
       His current day job is running the Cornerstone charter schools in Detroit where he says he is  graduating and sending to college most of the kids who attend.
       Earlier this year, the newly installed state GOP chair was scrambling to find somebody to take on Ms. Stabenow.  Pete Hoekstra's name was in play as was Terri Lynn Land.  Party Chair Bobby Shostack was apparently unimpressed with those two West Michigan folks so he asked Durant if he would make a run?
      Durant said no but agreed to work the phones to find somebody who would.  Subsequently Ms. Land and Mr. Hokestra took a powder and eventually Durant decided he would consider it.
      Now it turns out Mr. Hoekstra has changed his mind and is running and Durant says that will not impact his own decision which he promises by the middle of next month.
      He's doing all the things you do to run.  He wants twenty of his friends to raise $100,000 each and has ten in line right now.  He's got Bob Lutz of auto industry fame to be his finance chair if Durant gets in.
      His four kids and wife have signed off but she wants to make sure the Cornerstone school project is left in capable hands if hubby runs and she wants the money thing resolved.
      He's well on his way to getting there so look for those old Durant for U.S. Senate bumper stickers to be dusted off soon.


Blogger Amy B said...

not a big deal, but I'm really surprised to see a spelling error in this Skubik piece. "Were the odds are rotten" should be "where the odds ..." Might want to pay your proofer better (or have one...)

July 27, 2011 at 7:28 AM 

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