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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Virgil Milquetoast

   Earlier this week we asked the real Bob King, UAW President, to stand up.  Now extend the same invitation to Virg Bernero.
   Surely you remember the surly Angriest Mayor in America who went down in flames at the hands of the Nerdiest Governor in America Rick Snyder?
   Candidate Bernero was all over Mr. Snyder with heated rhetoric and breathless charges about him being the CEO in charge…chief economic outsourcer.
   But now comes a kinder-gentler Mayor Bernero pledging to "extend my hand across the street to the governor.  We want to work with him."
   So will the real Mr. Benero please stand up.
   With the campaign history, the wise Mr. Bernero has concluded that if he wants to get anything for his city from the GOP administration, he should bury the stick and starting use some carrot language instead.
   "I'm still hopeful.  We're working with the administration on a number of things," he reflects at the six month mark of the Snyder reign.
    Bernero wants the governor to extend state tax credits for brownfield developments calling it a win for everyone when land is clean-up and prepped for new job creations.
    During the campaign it did not take much to secure a pithy Bernero sound bite that lashed out at his opponent, but when asked the other day if the governor was anti-labor, Mr. Nice Guy Mayor punted.
    "I'm not prepared to say that…I will leave that to others to make that assessment."
     So is he drinking the GOP kool-aide?
     No.  He does say the governor went too far with his Emergency Manager law that Bernero says takes a "brick-bat" to the cities and he's not too fond of the governor's machete approach to state aid to the cities, either.
     So does that mean, he gives the governor failing marks?
     "I leave the letter grading to my wife," he deadpans deferring the question to his elementary school principal spouse.
      Alright then, what is her grade?
      Virgil Milquetoast suggests with a chuckle, "You will have to ask her."
      Geez..he's no fun anymore.


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