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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Someone is Fibbing

      They teach you in journalism school to pursue the truth, but what they didn't learn (sic) ya is that it's illusive in politics.
       Take President Obama's recent sojourn to Dutch-land a.k.a. Holland. Somebody is not telling the truth.
       It was his second trip to the west side of the state in less than a year as he celebrated the creation of battery jobs for the car industry.
       And, for the second year in a row, he created some hard feelings with local Republicans.  Last year in was then Congressman Pete Hoekstra and this year it was his replacement Rep. Bill Huizenga.
       It's pretty standard stuff than when a sitting president shows up in a congressman's back yard, you get invited to whatever the event is.  
       Mr. Huizenga complains he got no courtesy but got the run-around instead.
       Once he got word that Mr. Obama would be on his turf, he phoned the White House for details.  He heard nothing for five days.  Finally a couple of days before Air Force One was set to arrive, the White House called.  The congressman says the caller was "surprised" that he wanted a seat in the audience.
      He claims the W.H. said the decision not to invite him might be reconsidered but there would be "conditions" added if that happened.
      "This is over the top," he observes.  His office was three miles from the event and he could not get in.
       "Today I saw the Campaigner-in-Chief not the Commander-in-Chief," the GOP lawmaker laments.  He figures he was stiffed because he strenuously opposed the president's debt ceiling plan.
        And how ironic he continues that the President talked about the need for bi-partisan cooperation in the Congress, yet given a chance to walk the walk, it was Mr. H. who took a hike.
        Ah, but wait.
        State Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer reports "everyone" was invited to the gig including the local congressman.
        Anybody got a lie detector?


Anonymous Dan said...

Oh, WAAAAHHHH! Your invitation "got lost in the mail," or whatever.


There are way more pressing issues than a single blow-hard not getting in to see his boss. Write about those instead. Jeez.

August 17, 2011 at 10:22 AM 

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