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Friday, August 19, 2011

Colbeck on recalls

Targeted for recall, state Senator Patrick Colbeck is sanguine about the whole notion suggesting, "It's funny. You get recalled for doing exactly what you said you would do during the campaign."
If he is worried about the recall papers recently filed in his district he did not let on during his conversation with MIRS noting, "It's not slowing me down...I'm very comfortable with what we've been doing" and he describes the effort as "just an attempt at a mulligan frankly."
Colbeck says he looks forward to working on the abortion issue in the fall and concedes some members of the senate GOP caucus may not be on the same page as the governor when it comes to so-called base issues. But the freshman senator says the good news is the governor is willing to talk about the issues and he says it is up to the lawmakers to pass these issues and see what the governor will do.
GOP consultant Tom Shields checks in on this saying the governor is correct to stick to his top priority of turning the economy around. The MRG leader says the majority of voters agree with that and "everything else is secondary." He does not believe the ultra conservatives and the governor are on a collision course as he believes over time the two sides will work out any differences they might have.
On Right to Work, for example, Shields agrees with the governor that it is an divisive issue but support for it is growing as he says "it's a simmering issue" that could come to head this fall with more and more Tea Party groups passing resolutions asking the governor to go there.
However Shields concludes, "You can't make the governor happy all the time."


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