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Friday, September 2, 2011

Camp To Get T.P. Flak

     Michigan Congressman Dave Camp is a hearty fellow who apparently fears no danger.  He should be worried, however, because he may have a Tea Party target on his back soon. Silly man, he wants to close tax loopholes to help balance the humongous federal deficit of $1.5 trillion.
    Mr. Camp is one of twelve members of the so-called super committee charged with slapping together a plan to rescue America from the red sea of deficit ink.
    He wants to reduce tax rates and broaden the tax base and then, get this, "that means doing away with some of the special provisions, exemptions and loopholes that have grown into the code over the years."
    Hum.  Close tax loopholes.  Wasn't that part of the Grand Bargain that el Presidente Obama and el Speaker where close to doing when the Tea Party crowd cried, Over our soggy tea bags you will!!
    Undaunted, Republican Camp from Midland explains "we really need to simplify the tax code" and that means lots of losers i.e. all those who now enjoy a tax break will have to cough up some moola.
     One such item is the time-honored tax exemption that allows taxpayers to write-off their home loan interest.   Oh my, you can hear the banks, the realtors, not to mention the homeowners, who will scream bloody murder if they lose that.
    Not to worry.
    Mr. Camp offers that is "not a good approach" to take.  After all he does want to get re-elected next year.
    He does not want a general tax increase and it appears he is not alone but closing loopholes is a tax hike on somebody and it will be interesting to see what the Tea Party folks do to Mr. Camp.
    Anybody got a flak-jacket you can loan him?


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