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Monday, August 29, 2011

End-Run Risky Play

  The "end-run" in football is one of the more exciting plays to watch.  The "end-run" by the governor around the legislature is quite another thing.
  To be blunt lawmakers don't like to be ignored but the Snyder administration, in its un-ending quest to build a bridge between Detroit and Windsor, is considering doing just that.
   The Lt. Gov. Brain Calley volunteered the other day that there were "at least a half dozen" other ways to build the span that do not include asking legislators to approve it.
   Mr. Calley, who drinks from the same cup of Relentless Positive Action as his boss the governor, remains confident that lawmakers will cough up the votes this fall to get this project off dead center where it has languished for years.
   But if the votes do not materialize, those other options can be exercised, right?
   Wrong contends one of the key players in this debate. Rep. Paul Opsommer who chairs the House Transportation committee is armed with an Attorney General's opinion that asserts, "If they want to bond for the bridge or build a bridge, the legislature would have to approve that process."
   Republican Opsommer, wanting to sound loyal to the GOP governor  confides, "that's the governor's option if that's something he wants to do," but when pressed he doesn't sound so loyal:  "I'm uncomfortable with it and I think it's something that we should definitely sit down and discuss" which is code for "Houston we have a problem."
   You see lawmakers get paid to work on these sticky issues and he says the governor would have to explain to the voters why the legislature should be left out of the process, if he goes that route.
    For his part, the GOP lawmaker confesses, "I would have a difficult time explaing that" and there's a good chance he's got lots of colleagues who would agree.
    So when it comes to end runs, lawmakers may ask  the governor to leave that to Matt Stafford.


Blogger marv rein said...

Who Cares about "the BRiDGE" use that same money clean up Detroit..4 lanes at the PORT HURON ,,8 lanes in Detroit,,the Brigde bewteen,,Asiaand Europe,is only 8 lanes.

September 1, 2011 at 6:39 AM 

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