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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gov and R's Differ on Speech

  As Artie Johnson often said on TV's Laugh-in with a German accent: Vvv—eee—rrr---yyy interesting.
  President Barack Obama delivered his re-election errr Jobs for America speech the other night and the GOP responses were very interesting to compare and contrast.
  Right out of the shoot came conservative Congressman Mike Rogers flailing away at the Prez:  "Another speech won't change the Washington, D.C.-created burdens that are hampering job creation."  And then the Brighton Republican rattled off the usual GOP boilerplate stuff about excessive regulation, health care and energy costs, etc. etc. etc.
   He was fed up with the "borrow and spend stimulus policies." Put him down as a no vote.
   Congressman Dave Camp (R-Midland) was not nearly as gnarly but was disappointed that Mr. Obama did not discuss comprehensive tax reform but in a conciliatory coda he looked forward to "reviewing the details" of the proposal.  Put him down as a maybe.
   Then came the governor who by-passed the chance to join the chattering class of ultra-conservatives who couldn't wait to dump on the Democratic president.
   "These are changes that will help create an environment where jobs can grow, and they should be considered by Congress" the not so far right wing governor asserted.  He was referring to cutting pay roll taxes and small business tax reform both of which have been accomplished by the Snyder administration.
     Neither he nor the president referred to the Tea Party by name but you could read in between the lines to find it.  President Obama referred to those with "rigid ideas" and you know who you are.
     And the GOP Governor noted we "cannot afford to waste time on unproductive posturing and partisan fighting."  True, both R's and D's have engaged in that, but so have has the T.P. crowd.
     So if you were sitting in the White House, post-speech, you'll take what Mr. Snyder said which puts him at odds with the conservative base of his party once more.


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