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Sunday, September 25, 2011

One-Term Rick

       News flash from Mackinac Island:  Gov. Rick Snyder may not seek a second term.
      Actually this is not news only in the sense that he finally confirmed what many in this town have known since he first took the oath of office.
      Remember.  He was quite clear during the campaign that he was not a career politician and he's proven it as governor by propossing issues that someone interested in re-election would never do.  Think taxing senior citizens.
      So he confirms on the island during a state GOP gab fest that if he ticks off most of the items on his reinvent Michigan agenda, he's out of here to allow "better and smarter" folks to takeover.  He tells the MIRS news hounds that he'd be more than excited to "go fishing, go teach, and do something else."
      Close associates confirm the "teach" thing.  There has got to be a classroom somewhere at his alma mater, what was that school?, where he can share his Relentless Positive Action shtick with the maze and blue faithful.  He'd love to do that.  And in addition to fishing, he left out water skiing which is one of his fav summer things to do, when he can find time to ride the waves.
     This is Snyder being Snyder as he is totally concerned with a long term and positive legacy for the entire state and not about polishing up his resume so he can write a book about it.  "This is not about me," he says for anybody who will listen.
    But by making these pronouncements public, he may be viewed by some as a lame-duck in waiting which may undercut his ability to wheel and deal with lawmakers.
    What can he offer lawmakers, if he is not going to be around for a second term?
     But "as a practical matter," as he likes to say, he is not a wheeler and dealer and so if some view him ill for not running again, so be it.
     All of the previous governors since 1970 had a political prism on their desk.  Every major political move was eventually filtered through it to ascertain if the decision would enhance his or her reelection bid.
     Mr. non-career governor came into office, removed it from his desk and promptly sold it on E-Bay.


Anonymous Matt said...

KWAME 2014!!!!!

September 26, 2011 at 9:16 PM 

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