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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Going After Electric Cars

   Now that the governor has solved the state's obesity problem by lecturing everyone to just lose weight…hardy, har-har-har, he moves to more mountains to climb.  
    And if you own an electric car, you're it.
    Next month the Synder administration will trot out its special message on infrastructure which is just a nerdy way of saying, roads, bridges, and potholes which the governor knows need attention.
    The governor might target the Prius, Leaf, and Volt owners. If you own an electric vehicle you are not paying one dime in the gasoline tax which is great for you, but not so great for state coffers.
    While you are rolling along on the roads, without coughing up some bucks to repair the roads, your cars are adding to the deterioration of the infrastructure.
    Now recall that the governor is all about "shared sacrifice."  The governor confesses he has not heard anything about this but for sure there's been plenty of chatter among the special interest groups that want more money for the roads.
    Sen. Tom Casperson who chairs the senate transportation committee believes this is something that should be done.
    Nobody has leaked how the governor intends to right this "wrong" but at the end of the day, if lawmakers go along, hy-brid and electric car owners will be paying something.
     But you're not being singled out.
     Regular car owners will be asked to kick in, too. A source reveals that a different approach is being considered when you purchase a new license plate.
      The new registration fee might be based on the price of the car divided into groups.  From zero to $5,000 you might pay zippo.  From 5,001 to !0,000 you might get one fee which would increase with the price.
      You can do the math gang.  Got a giant SUV? You'll pay a bundle and if you own one of those fancy Rolls or Bentley?
       Get out your check book, but then if you do own one of those babies, you can probably afford it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh good grief
first off Priuses do use gas, just less of it. They are also much lighter than the trucks that really tear up the highways. Those folks who ponied up for a voly swelled the states sales tax coffers by an outsized amount. But Casperson is not the sharpest tool in the shed so I would expect no capacity for crtical thinking from him. reporters OTOH...
AS for China-well who has gotten jobs from visiting there? -Surprise! they want our jobs ( and have recently gotten quite a few of them). IF state worker expenses is really the problem as Mr 250+ salary per year Nixon keeps telling us how about not having the governor fly around on hopeless missions wasting taxpayer dollars on what astute reporters would have called junkets?
When our guv wanted to be elected it was all about jobs. Now that he's in , well there are all these "Cuts" that harm ordinary folk but he doesn't expect too much in the way of jobs. The agenda could NOT be clearer and yet you "reporters continue to swallow whatever pablum importantly-titled people heave your way. The media is truly an idiocracy

September 23, 2011 at 3:20 AM 

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