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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Off To China We Finally Go

         There is a delicate little ballet that former governors dance when it comes to commenting on what their successors are doing.  It's an unwritten rule, sort of an honor-among-thieves thing, that you don't blast the guy who took your old job.  And the same thing applies to the new governor and Rick Snyder has steadfastly adhered to the rule refusing to bad mouth anyone who use to have his job.
          But he came darn close to doing it the other day.  As he prepares to head off for his first week-long sojourn to China, capitol correspondents wanted to know what his objectives were.
          Previous Gov. Jennifer Granholm had a hard and fast rule.  She would not set her tootsies on foreign soil unless she could boast about bringing jobs back to Michigan.  Gov. Snyder has no such rule.
        "I don't have high expectations on jobs," he candidly reflected adding, "don't expect too much."
          In reality this governor is pretty much starting from ground zero when it comes to cultivating jobs out of China and that's in part because his predecessor did nothing on that front.  Nada or as they say in Chinese‚Ķhum, how do they say that in Chinese?
          At any rate, Gov. Granholm kept her tootsies out of China because she was too busy beating up the country and anyone who sent jobs from Michigan over there all for her own political gain.
          Call former GOP candidate for governor Dick DeVos if you require more details.
          Consequently no ground work was laid there so Gov. Snyder was asked if Michigan was behind the eight-ball because of the previous feck-less eight years?
          Please note he does not use any names but offered this poignant observation, "It doesn't help matters not being there."
          He could have said "thanks to Gov. Granholm," but Rick Snyder being Rick Snyder he did not.
          Others will do it for him.


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