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Friday, September 30, 2011

Dan the Jerk

        Much has been written lately about the new Granholm/Mulhern book on their life in the bubble and part of the focus was on the so-called "love story" between the two.  Well turns out, and this was somehow left out of the book "A Governor's Story", it was the love that almost wasn't.
       "Actually I thought he was a jerk,' former Gov. Jennifer Granholm whispers into the camera.
       "Jerk?" Dan Mulhern goes sitting right next to her.
        Yep. Jerk. She unfolds the story of the first time they met waiting to board a cheap airline from New Jersey back to Harvard where they both attended law school.
        Seems Danny Boy was chatting with a lass in line about how he had been out drinking and dancing the night before.  You know how men are about getting drunk.
         Ms. Granholm is singularly unimpressed but can't help herself when he mentions he is going back to Harvard.
         "You go to Harvard," she intervened in the conversation and that one question launched the romance although it took some time before he actually got a date.
           She kept him at arms length which frustrated the heck out of him but he was as tenatious as she was; the romantic Dan went to work. He placed "pressed flowers" in her mail box and demonstrated there was more to him that drinking and getting blitz.
           They fell in love and here they are today, out on the stump hawking their book and making revelations about their relationship that she preferred to keep secret.  Dan on the other hand pushed her to disclose and she reluctantly did, while refusing to call him a jerk for doing it.


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