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Monday, October 17, 2011

Uncommon Bed Fellows

    When is the last time the trial bar and the doctors were on the same side of an issue?
    Answer:  No one can remember if there was a last time.
    When is the last time the trial bar was divided?
    See answer number one.
    Normally when you mention the term "trial lawyer" in front of anyone wearing a white coat, duck.  Them is fightin' words.
    Mention the term "physician" in front of a trial attorney and watch their mouths salivate.
     But despite all that history, they are locking arms and battling the insurance industry over its efforts to "reform" the state's historic no-fault car insurance law.
     And the list of folks joining the docs and barristers is as long as your arm if you are Mike Jordan.  It's virtually everybody in the free world, including labor unions who are trying to gang up on the insurance guys.
     That lobby fears that if left unchecked, the no fault system will implode with cost over runs that will eventually destroy the system.
      The other side counters, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
     And back and forth they go as this "reform" is now out of a house committee and teed up for a showdown vote in that body.
     But there is another unusual twist to all this.  There apparently is a split in the trial lawyer ranks as the Sam Bernstein firm, maybe you've seen them on the telly, is working with the insurance folks.
     Come again?
     Yep.  The Bernstein's are with the insurance lobby but other elements of the trial bar are against the Bernstein's.  Mark Bernstein was even called in to explain to his compatriots why they should be on his side.
     Geez.  This is getting complicated.
     But yet it is all very simple as it all comes down to money and which side can make the most.
     Maybe somewhere in the debate, somebody will eventually talk about how this will impact you, the motoring public.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Don't hold your breath waiting for our legislators to consider what is good for the citizens/voters. Seems with enough money to run TV spots and mail slick brochures, enough uninformed voters, politicians have discovered they don't have to worry about the vote. They are very interested in the large campaign contributions.

October 18, 2011 at 7:04 AM 

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