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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No Bridge RPA This Time

        Even though he is only ten months into his first term, it was beginning to look like he would make it for the entire four years without uttering a single discouraging word.
       You know him.  Old Mr. Relentless Positive Action himself, Gov. Rick Snyder.  Well it finally happened.  293 days into the mission, he did it.  He was forced to confront reality and uttered the following: "Even though I'm a positive guy, today was a set-back."
       Egads.  Stop the presses.  (Do they still do that?)
       Not even he could put a positive spin on the events, or non-events, inside the GOP controlled senate committee that's been considering his Detroit-Windsor bridge bill for ions.  Because when they counted noses, and he needed four measly votes to move the project to the senate floor, Gov. RPA got two, count'em, two lousy Republican votes and one of those was under intense pressure from the Tea Party to vote no.
      Even the two Democrats on the panel who had been cuddling up to the GOP governor voted "pass" which is tantamount to a no vote anyway.
      So instead of moving the bridge out of committee, the bridge became a certified train wreck as the governor was stiffed by members of his own party for the second day in a row.
      Oh woe is he.
      "It's time for a cooling-off period," he tried to regain some positive ground, but there was precious little to stand on.
       How long would it take to get this project back on track?
       "Maybe a week, or two or longer," he offered without adding another dose of reality, "maybe never."
        Oh, this bridge will be built, the governor confidently believes.  But lawmakers may not help him build it. But he can do it without them.  Yet, and this comes as no surprise, hope springs eternal inside the Snyder inner circle that eventually lawmakers will agree with him that it is the "right thing to do."
        Right now it looks like he's the only one in the choir singing that tune.


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