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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Governor the Road Fixer

   Here's a shocker.  The boys and girls in the legislature were not, repeat, were not falling all over themselves to get in line behind the governor's aggressive, and shall we say, expensive new infrastructure agenda.
   Oh sure they all agree with the gov that the roads, bridges, sewers, and other crumbling stuff is a mess and in dire need of repair.  But that is hardly a new story.  It's been rotting away for years and lawmakers have watched it rot without doing squat to stop it.
   So Gov. Rick Snyder thinks this time will be different.
   Oh my.
   He is just brimming with solid and logical reasons for finding more money, upwards of $1.4 billion, to get the job done. He contends the longer we wait, the more expensive it will be.  Or if that does not appeal to you, how about creating more jobs and lowering the unemployment rate.
   But when has logic ever translated into votes when lawmakers worrying about losing THEIR jobs if they place another financial burden on motorists?
    Sen. Tom Casperson, an R from the U.P. who runs the senate transportation panel, reports he's on board with the governor's notion that there is a "road funding" problem, but asked how he would vote on a hefty $120 hike in the license registration fee, he said he'd be a no right now.
    Sen. Jack Brandenburg, an R from Macomb County who runs the senate finance committee is just like Casperson.
    None of this bodes well for the governor who continues to embrace issues that Democrats can cuddle up to but members of his own party dive for the high grass.
    But the governor has just begun to sell all this, just like he did nine months ago on that little bridge between Motown and Hockey-land and you know how that story ended.


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