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Sunday, November 27, 2011

GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain has a Venus/Mars problem.
If female voters are from Venus they are staying there and not
flocking to Mr. Cain if the latest polling data is correct.
He gets an unimpressive 10% of the female vote compared to 34% that
Mr. Romney receives and the 21% Mr. Gingrich gets.
It gets worse.
Pollster Bernie Porn from EPIC-MRA asked women under 50 how they
felt about Mr. Cain. Let's just say he's not moving the needle as he
receives 20% of those; Mitt Romney gets 38% and Newt Gingrich does
worse than Cain, scoring a lousy 5%.
Cain's standing with women over 50 is nothing to write home about
either. Now it is Cain at 5%, Romney at 32% and the Newtser at 30%.
It's generally assumed that since women vote in larger numbers than
men, no candidate can depend on the men from Mars to hand them the
election although Cain has 58% of the male GOP members and 40% of GOP
Add all this up and you have a gender gap which continues to dog
the one time front-runner. It's difficult to ascertain how much of
this is traced to the allegations of sexual harassment which he has
steadfastly denied.
But when it comes to females and that issue, many men are presumed
to be guilty before they prove themselves to be innocent.
Of course, at this early read, you can't count anyone out but there
is one more group where Mr. Cain needs to turn things around.
Independent voters decide elections and with this group, the gender
challenge is also evident.
32% of independent men back him; 17% of the women.
Looks like he needs to send some flowers and candy to somebody.


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