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Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Name is Rick Perry

   So what's the big deal about a GOP presidential candidate having a senior moment?  Hasn't everyone?
   Ask Rick Perry, the one time front-runner. The Texas governor can hardly claim that mantle this week after he fumbled around for almost a minute during a televised debate, painfully trying to remember which departments he would eliminated if elected.
   Chances are you didn't see it happen.  But in this viral age, where going to the bathroom shows up on the Internet, that does not mean he will skate away from this flub.
    It's already on You Tube at multiple locations and just wait until the late-night comics get done with him.  You can hear Letterman now:  Rick Perry needs a memory transplant.  Anyone dumb enough to donate?  Or Leno:  During the next debate, moderators will start with the easy questions for Gov. Rick Perry.  Like, what is your first name or who is buried in Grant's tomb.
   Some were quick to write him off completely but that is a stretch but here's the problem. From this point on, it will be the elephant in the room wherever he goes.
    Citizens will wonder, will he do it again?
    And almost certainly, it will happen again and then the media will begin to wonder if this guy is capable of residing in the oval office where a loss of memory can have live-threatening implications.
    Ah but it was so much simplier for politicians when the mass media was not around to turn your every foible into a liability.
    For his part Mr. Perry tried to laugh it off during the post debate spin session and at the very least he should get a thank you note from Herman Cain whose sexual harrassment challenges did not emerge as the lead debate story thanks to the forgetful Texan.


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