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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Last Laugh

Organized labor may get the last laugh as it attempts to undo one
of the governor's crowning achievements of the year the Emergency
Manager law…or maybe not?
The unions have joined forces with those who believe the EM law
is about as undemocratic as it gets; it allows the state to send in a
financial czar to run a city that is headed for the financial cliff.
That czar can stamp a null and void on union contracts which would
explain why the labor guys launched a petition drive to end the law.
And it looks like that will happen. Sometime early next year
the Forward Michigan coalition will file, it hopes, upwards of 250,000
petition signatures and when those names are certified by the state,
the governor's EM law goes on hold until November 2012. At that time
Michigan voters will decide whether to kill the thing.
"I'm willing to predict success," asserts Brandon Jessup who is
running the petition drive. The savvy young Democrat announces that on
December 17th there will be signature gathering rallies in 13 cities
aimed at reaching that quarter of a million mark.
It's actually a fairly impressive number given they are not
paying for the names which is the normal drill for such drives.
So that is that.
Well not quite.
GOP lawmakers and the governor are considering a new EM law
that would take effect if and when the current one is on hold. In
other words lawmakers may get the last laugh and not the unions.
"Shame on them," laments Mr. Jessup.
The R's could care less because they contend they are doing
this to keep cities such as Detroit from going into bankruptcy to which
Mr. J. asserts on Off the Record ( they are really doing it to
bust the unions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

step 1. emergency financial manager
step 2. emergency safety manager
step 3. emergency security manager
step 4. private security contractors
step 5. nazi's?

December 20, 2011 at 11:38 AM 

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