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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

If they had a list for the best sound bite producer in this town,
Detroit Senator Coleman Young, Jr. would be on it and darn near the top.
Yeah..that Coleman Young Jr, the son of the former Detroit Mayor by
the same name.
Seems the junior Young is not too pleased with Gov. Rick Snyder
these days and with the governor down at 20% in the polls, Mr. Young
apparently has a ton of company.
Mr. Snyder, of course, has set into motion a review of the
finances in Detroit which could lead to the imposition of an outside
finance czar to run the city.
The governor steadfastly asserts that he does not want to go there.
Enter Senator Young.
"I don't believe him," he begins his blunt and pithy sound bite
assault on the whole EM concept or "Economic Dictator" as he puts it.
"It's an affront to our city," he warms to the subject and
"violates our constitutional rights" to boot..
He believes the move to have outside forces takeover the city has
been the subject of "a lot of discussion" for years and now it's coming
to fruition.
The Democratic senator believes an EM would hold a "fire-sale
where everything must go" including the sell off of Belle Isle, city
parks, city airport, a golf course and who knows what all? "They will
come in an rape, pillage and rob" the city he asserts.
He hopes the current leadership in Motown, which some believe is
a misnomer, will get this ironed out before the governor lowers the
But remember the governor contends there's no boom, unless he is
forced to use it.
Tell that to the offspring of the former sound bite genius of
years ago, Coleman Young Senior.
What's the saying, "Lke father, like son?"


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