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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The phrase is way over used, but there is just no better way to begin
this missive: Be careful what you wish for?
Memo to House Republicans from the House Democratic leader: If you
want a "conversation" (read fight) over Right to Work, let's have it.
Rep. Rick Hammel, with thirty years under his belt as a tried and
true UAW member, will not shy away from the overture from the House GOP
speaker that he wants to chat about RTW in the New Year.
That big grin on Mr. Hammel's mug is there for a reason. He knows a
protracted debate over this perceived anti-union legislation will serve
to gin-up the union vote in this year's election which Mr. Hammel hopes
to ride to victory next November.
In the last election 400,000 Democrats found something else to do on
election day which de facto made the Nerd the new gov. Hammel laments
the fact that his buddies in the union hall defected, but now with the
GOP fixin' to cut deeper into the union ranks with this legislation, he
figures his pals will show up in force next time.
"Fighting Right to Work is the number one priority for labor," he
tells the Off the Record audience. (
"Our base in mobilized," the Genesee County Democratic warms to the
House GOP Speaker Jase Bolger does not appear to be threatened
with this "waking the sleeping Democratic giant" chatter. He is not
shying away from the debate even though Gov. Rick Snyder wishes Mr.
Bolger was more bashful about it.
Thus begins the new round of games at the state capitol with the
GOP Speaker and the GOP Governor signing different tunes, and the House
Democratic leader is enjoying the music.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Republican War on Workers continues.

Also, the March to make Michigan like Mississippi.

They have the majority of votes and are not the least bit bashful about using them.

They should look west at what's happening to Walker for a hint about the next election.

January 10, 2012 at 7:23 PM 

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