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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Here We Go Again

        Same story.  Different party chair.  Here we go again.
       Two years ago during the infamous government-shutdown-budget- deficit-battle, the state GOP chair, Saul Anuzis, stuck his big nose into the middle of the legislative negotiations and some in the GOP legislative leadership ranks did not like the unwelcome intrusion.
       Those leaders were trying to work a deal to raise new revenue to balance the books and there was ole Saul, looking over their shoulder demanding that they not raise taxes.  One of those leaders confided that Anuzis was making a tough job even tougher with all his very public anti-tax railing.
      Fast forward to right now.  Anuzis is gone and Ron Weiser is the new chair and he's picking up where Saul-baby left off i.e. every time there is even a hint of raising new revenue , there is Weiser's P.R. machine grinding out another anti-tax hike press release.
     The latest batch suggests that the GOP has two plans to balance the books without raising taxes and "to raise taxes now is to gamble away the future of the state."
     Here's the problem with that rhetoric:  The dirty little secret is some legislative republicans are quietly working with the democrats to raise new revenue…the very thing that the state party is advising against.
     And when it comes out that indeed some GOP lawmakers are doing this, Mr. Weiser and company will look silly, hypocritical, ignorant or all three.
     Apparently the memo to Anuzis to shut his mouth was never shared with the new guy and so the Weiser team is out there beating up on the Granholm Cherry folks for boosting taxes while at the same time the co-conspirators from Weiser's own party are doing the s ame thing. This will ultimately be embarrassing for those R's who will look out of step with the chairperson.
     Let's see if the Republican Party issues a news release on that little ditty.


Blogger R. George Dunn said...

Michigan is near taxed to death. More taxes will be a finishing blow. How many people are gone from the State? How many business are moving to Michigan? Only those who are promised an unfair tax haven are.

Saul was right to stop taxation increases and Weiser is too. We must take this opportunity to eliminate bureaucracy such as all the over lapping agencies, like Soil conservation and DEQ, County police and DNR, the use of Lawyers in every crook and cranny there is.

WE must find ways to make living in Michigan cheaper for the citizen, not better for the Government.

August 7, 2009 at 4:31 AM 

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