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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Simon Says....

     There must be something to the notion that some folks really do bleed Green and White.  In fact two of them reside in Cowles House.
     For those of you with a predilection to bleed Maze and Blue, Cowles House is the president's home at Michigan State University and in it lives Roy and his spouse Lou Anna Simon. He's First Hubby.  She's el presidente.
     Almost five years ago after the MSU Board picked her, Dr. Simon retired to a small room near her office.
     The idea of running the university that she loved so much was just sinking in.  In that interview she reflected that while growing up in Indiana, little Lou Anna really wanted to be a catcher on the New York Yankees.
     She said she would settle for being MSU president but then she confided, "I will only stay three years."  It was a curious thing to reveal just moments after getting the job.  At the time she was not sure the thing would last; nor was she sure she wanted to make it last any longer.
    Now five years into the assignment she reflected the other day on why she is sticking around.
    She says she enjoys the confidence the MSU Board of Trustees. And that is saying a mouth-full because that board can be a challenge.
    Secondly, when she took the assignment, she  figured Michigan's lousy economy would be on the rebound before her three years were up so she could waltz out the door knowing her alma mater was in good shape.
    She and everyone else were wrong.  And so she dug in and plans on remaining dug in until the budget mess is resolved.
    "When people place confidence in you, you can't leave," she reflects.
     Besides she quickly adds, "Roy and I love this place" and she adds, "You can't leave in the middle of this mess."
     Go Green.  Go White.
     Let's hear it for loyalty…a rare commodity these days in any job. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Simons don't live in Cowles House.

August 4, 2009 at 3:06 PM 

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