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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just Lock the Doors

      It was only a matter of time before somebody suggested it and sure enough a former financial emergency manager has talked about appointing a financial czar to do what the governor and legislative leaders so far have been unable to do, i.e. solve the budget crisis.
     Louis Schimmel who saved the city of Hamtramck years ago was all over NewsRadio 950 the other day putting the czar thing on the table and even hinting that bankruptcy might be another option.
     With all due respect to Mr. Schimmel…it ain't gonna happen.
      It is true that a benevolent dictator/financial manager could resolve the budget mess in a matter of hours by unilaterally doing whatever needs to be done.
      But the last time anyone checked, this was a representative democracy where all the voices get to be heard, and yes, sometimes the voices go on and on and nothing gets done, but no one ever said the democracy had to be neat, prompt and without in-fighting.  In fact you could make the argument that a protracted debate on how to fill in a $1.8 billion dollar budget hole is healthy as all sides get to talk.
    However, there is a time to end the talk and do something and with just over a month to go before a shutdown deadline, many in this town believe that time to act was yesterday.
    The governor and four legislative leaders have been meeting, some progress has been made but still no solution and still no around-the-clock negotiations as far as we can tell.
    Instead of chatting about frivolous bankruptcy and/or money czar options, perhaps Mr. Schimmel should embrace something more realistic:  Put all the players in a room with no windows, no air conditioning, no water and food and lock the door.
    That would be one sure fire way to make the representative democracy work and infuse some badly needed urgency into the budget crisis.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a time to try to live on what you have coming in as a State, as a County and as a town township or a city within the framework of the regulations you cannot change due to Laws governing the situation. Common sense is that if you project your income or lack of it and then calculate your stable actual income you will be surprised what the outcome will be. For years we have taken for granted the nice services we have enjoyed and the good roads, the excellent parks & new schools with every conceivable luxury that tax base & lottery money could buy. maintaining buildings and keeping ever rising utilities paid eats up everyone's budget. Fact is we just all work for the utility companies and the old cell phone companies. fuel is dependent on auto industry and it will slowly make the move over to the electric / gas  vehicles to keep the pollution down. With increasing use of the power from electric companies keeping vehicles moving the loss of tax revenue from fuel sales will diminish the over the road income and force higher rates on to the electric companies to compensate for the lost income from the gas taxes. The use of every expensive vehicles could be curtailed like they do in Japan, taking all vehicles off the road that is older than three years. there would need to be a law to scrap them.or export them out of this country, anyone with the income to own a less than three year old vehicle might have someone in mind to buy their vehicle when it becomes a year old, and so on for two and third year at the end they take a write off and turn it in. The law would need to be able to have some end write off in order to work. doing this would keep unsafe vehicles off the road. folks whom could not afford to have a vehicle  would be using busses trains & small off the road vehicles like mopeds & skooters.

August 27, 2009 at 8:25 PM 

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