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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Would He Do That?

      He wouldn't do that, would he?
      The governor says he won't but was it wishful thinking or does she really believe it?
      The reference here is to the possible scenario under which President Barack Obama, desperate to find a new home for Gitmo inmates, picks Michigan over the governor's objections.
      Gov. Granholm says her homeland security questions have not yet been answered by the Obama administration and minus assurances that the 200 or so Gitmo residents won't create a threat to Standish and Michigan, the governor won't sign off.
      But does it matter?
      There's a debate over the governor's authority to veto any presidential decision she does not like.  They call it state's rights.  The Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox believes the governor can block the decision if the president makes it.
     GOP Congressman Pete Hoekstra, who is gobbling up a ton of free media on his staunch opposition, guesses the president can pretty much do what he wants, but coming in over the governor's objections would be "a bad decision."
     And on that the democratic governor agrees.
     Asked this week if the president says yes, can she say no? She offered, "I don't think it will come to that." And then she adds, "I don't think they would do that.  It would not be wise."
     Indications are she really believes that and it is not wishful thinking. She notes that the new president has been "very sensitive and differential" to the governor's apprehensions.
     Yet when push comes to shove, the president made a campaign promise to close the make shift prison but to do that, he has to find new digs for the suspected terrorists.
      Let's see:  Pay off on a campaign promise he made to the nation and stick a democratic governor with a decision she will not like.
      He wouldn't do that…would he?


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