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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Too Much Speculation, Sorry

    Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land has taken a shot at the "Lansing pundits" who get paid to speculate on who is running for this office or that. But when it comes to her running for the state senate or Michigan house, she says, "We need to give these guys a map."
     Did she dare imply that the omniscient political punditry class is lost?  Oh my.  Obviously she is not running for anything…just yet.
    Land, of course, was recently running for governor until she belatedly concluded her heart was never really in it, as she told the Grand Rapids Press.  Now she is supposedly running around the state on behalf of somebody who is still running for governor, but there is increasing speculation (sorry can't resist) that Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard may be joining Land on the sidelines before too long where they could commiserate on what might have been.
    Land told the Press she has no interest in serving in the Michigan legislature even though many folks reported she was thinking about it as she tries to find a map regarding her own future.
    She clearly has one.  She was elected SOS on two occasions although she never broke a sweat since the democrats never mounted even a semi-serious challenge to her.
    She also confesses since her youth she has thought about the U.S. Senate but looks like incumbent democrats Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow could be there for life.  So while Land marks time waiting for one of them to head out to pasture, the speculation (not again) centers on her running for the West Michigan Congressional seat now occupied by Republican Vern Ehlers.  He shows no signs of retiring either, but if he did, Land would run in a New York minute.
     That's why the stuff about serving in the legislature made some sense…while Land waits for a C ongressional opening, what does she do to keep her name in front of the voters for the next four or so years?
     She does not rule out running with Bouchard as his Lt. Governor.
     Speculation (one last time) is, she should find another Plan B.


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