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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Moss Messes Up

         My oh my Oakland County Rep. Chuck Moss was rolling along very nicely, thank you very much, during his maiden voyage on the Off the Record broadcast the other day.
         Well until he got tongue-tied on a very simple inquiry.
         The conservative GOP lawmaker was waxing on and on about how his party was not going to balance the budget on the "backs of the poor" and in fact he noted, "Everybody is going to feel pain."
         Question:  Does that include you?  Did you take a pay cut?
         Moss had apparently not anticipated the question and didn't even bother to notify the House GOP P.R. whiz kids about his appearance. They might of given him a better answer.
         Did you take a pay cut?
         He began saying he voted for a 10% cut but he failed to explain that the vote was only a recommendation to a state pay panel to impose the 10% cut.  And if the panel approved it, the cut would not take effect in time to solve the current budget crisis.
        So did you take a pay cut?
        "We're not allow ed," he fumbled for answer number two.
        Not so.  Many lawmakers have written checks to the state returning part of their $75,000 plus salary.
        So, for the third time, did you take a pay cut?
        Finally an honest answer;  "Nope."
        Well then, please explain to your constituents why you should get your full salary when they are taking benefit cuts left and right.
       "We've cut our offices. We've cut our own staffs."
        Bully for you.
        Suffice it to say, Moss looked awful.  (Judge for yourself at for the Off the Record broadcast.)
        But to his credit, after the taping, Mr. Moss wrote a check to the state for $2000.
        Bet he wishes he had done that before.


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