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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hunting for a Compromise

He said he'd send her the budgets in time for her to review them
and veto some programs.
She said she never heard that from him.
Here we go again with the two non-communicators a.k.a. Jennifer
Granholm and Mike Bishop.
The governor and the senate GOP leader huddled behind closed
doors for over an hour and emerged no closer to a budget compromise
than when the began.
She wants to raise more revenue.
He does not.
She wants him to compromise.
He's not budging.
She's going to fight to restore funding for her top priorities.
He says he'll fight to balance the budget without any tax hikes.
Doesn't all this have a familiar ring to it?
In fact this back and forth has been the story line between these
two for the past six months.
"I've compromised," the governor told the capitol press corps
this week and now it was time for "everyone", she would not mention him
by name, to do the same for the"good of Michigan."
"I know she wants to raise revenue," Bishop confirmed but for
the umpteenth time he reported there were no votes in his caucus to do
"We had a bi-partisan agreement to cut the budget (and) now all
these theatrics" stand in the way of ending the debate, the Oakland
County senator observed.
Only problem is the governor never signed off on the Bishop and
House Speaker Andy Dillon budget cuts and so the impasse remains just
Yet, hope springs eternal with a Halloween deadline getting
scarier by the day. They'll meet again today with more he said, she
said, to follow.


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