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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Right From Wrong

It's a well known fact that teens have a ton of disposable income
to spread around…mostly thanks to mom and dad who give it to them. So
you would assume that most business folks would welcome the teens with
open arms, which is why the sign on the door was so mysterious.
Location: The 7-11 in Traverse City.
Sign on door: Two students at a time in store. Others will be
asked to wait outside.
Since journalists are a curious lot to begin with, it seemed only
natural to inquire as to the significance of that sign.
It didn't take long for the meaning to sink it.
"Last month we lost between $10,000 and $12,000 with kids coming in
here and stealing stuff," the assistant manager began the conversation.
12,000 bucks? That's a boat load of bubble gum, beef jerky and
And since the sign went up, the sticky fingers have disappeared.
The loss due to thief is now zero.
But the guy was not through explaining and here's where it gets
scary. Turns out one of the high school females who got caught
explained that it was not her fault that she was stealing.
"It's your fault," she advised the store owner "for not installing
the camera equipment to stop the stealing."
Hello. Earth to teenager.
This kid was serious. She apparently did not realize that
stealing is stealing and the person who does it is responsible and just
because the store can't afford the video system to nab everyone, does
not excuse the wrongdoing in the first place.
Talk about your misguided and illogical thinking.
Is it possible that somebody 17 years old has gone through her
entire life and nobody pulled her aside and explained that taking stuff
that is not yours is wrong?
And here's the real kicker. Some in the T.C. community are
criticizing the store for slapping the sign on the door! Those
comments are probably from the same parents who forgot to tell their
kids it's against the law to swipe stuff.
Go figure.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your off the record show was ridiculous today. Our state is in a crisis and we are talking about drinking at the island. The four commentators you had today are so clueless it isn't funny. Cherry is very vulnerable next year. Just being connected to Granholm for 8 yrs will be a big detriment to his election.

And the two republican guys. where did you find them? They couldn't come up with any coherent thoughts. I know being a republican is bad right now but believe me these guys were not the poster boys for the party.

As for Bishop's game -- it comes down to credibility and trust between him and Granholm. there is none. Thats why the games.

Right now michigan is at a crossroad and the biggest issue besides no budgets -- is dealing with the ballooning legacy costs for the governmental employees. If that problem is not dealt with effectively -- no amount of tax increases will save this state.

The biggest problem with the state and it was proved out witht e movie credits -- is if you go to the states where businesses are going and come up with tax incentives that surpass theirs you will generate new business for michigan. Green Energy sounds nice but it won't bring in enough jobs in soon enough to bring unemployment down.

You need to get a roundtable of business people on your show. Ask them what they are concerned about. Ask why they can't hire more employees. You will find our onerous business taxes and personal property taxes and yes -- not being a right to work state are all making Michigan a less attractive state to do business in.

How ironic we can't get more businesses to come here. We have an abundance of water and that should be a good selling point for our state.


Charlie A. Rochester Hills Michigan

October 18, 2009 at 4:17 PM 

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