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Friday, June 18, 2010

Christmas in June

As everyone suffered through the long and torturous winter, at
least Michiganians could cling to the hope that eventually the cold
would give way to the warmth.
So much for that. Everyone is now worried that we may go through
another "alleged summer" with lousy weather with sunshine every tenth
day whether we want it or not.
Hence when this news release came out the other day, it was
neither timely nor welcomed: State Accepting Nominations for 2010
Christmas Tree!"
Egads. Say it isn't so. Normally any journalist worth his or her
salt wants to know everything going on in state government. But
"uncle" already on this Christmas tree stuff! Do we really need a
reminder that erecting the state Christmas tree is only 145 days away?
Talk about your insensitive bureaucrats.
We don't need to know that only spruce or fir trees are eligible
or that they must be a minimum of 65 feet tall with a maximum crown of
30 feet and a trunk diameter of 30 inches.
You didn't have to tell us that the tree must have easy access
from the road with no interference from wires and that the state won't
pay one red cent for the tree.
If it was essential to get this info out, the general public did
not have to be in on the story. Just ship the press release to the
Timber Professionals Association and let them hunt for the darn thing.
Summer is not even here and state bureaucrats are worried about
the Christmas tree. Come on. Have a little mercy.
Next thing you know they will be praying for snow…which everyone
in Michigan knows could happen as everyone sets off their illegal
fireworks on the Fourth of July.


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