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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Battle for Motown

Detroit was in play this past week as Rick Snyder used a former
governor to cement what standing a Republican can have in the
Democratic heavy city. And Virg Bernero called in the heavy artillery
in the form of former President Bill Clinton to gin up the Motown vote.
But there was probably a hidden agenda in the Snyder pre-emptive
You see a coalition of Black ministers in Detroit called for a
debate and Mr. Bernero said yes before the ink was dry on the invite.
Mr. Snyder, who steadfastly said he would debate only once, stuck
to the promise and stiffed the ministers.
Mr. Bernero wasted little time offering, "It's truly a shame my
opponent didn't feel the voters of Detroit deserved the chance to hear
his plans for the city…."
The Snyder guys used Mr. Milliken to show that he, Snyder did care
for Detroit, just not enough to debate his opponent in front of the
church community.
It was a calculated move which most of the moves have been in that
camp. They knew they would take a hit, but the day before, Snyder was
able to buy a little good will with Detroit voters by bringing in the
previous governor who had a warm spot in his heart for Detroit and vice
Mr. Milliken praised Mr. Snyder for putting Detroit on the radar
screen in this election at some risk since many out state Republicans
could care less about the city.
And even though Mr. Snyder has not fleshed out the details on how
he would be a "partner" with the city, he hoped to mute some of the
flak he would take for ducking the debate. Maybe it worked.
But whether it did or not may be irrelevant. The way it looks, Mr.
Snyder does not need Detroit to win. The same can not be said for his


Blogger marv rein said...

Detroit.should be able to collect pay roll taxes,from any company.'claiming' to be in DETROIT,,SO THE 'white owned' can help Detroit, or use the city they r really in.
Troy,michigan seems to be the worse offender of this tactic.

October 24, 2010 at 6:02 PM 

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