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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Tree and Trust

Nobody can remember the last time this happened.
Governor-elect Rick Snyder rode into Dodge and dazzled both R's
and D's with his message of, "Let's work together" and chuck the party
One Democrat confessed he was "very impressed" as Mr. Snyder made
the rounds of the house and senate Republican AND Democratic caucuses.
"The assignment is to get the message out that it's a new day,"
reports the new governor's legislative lobbyist and former Lt. Governor
Dick Posthumus.
And that day began with the new guy in town appearing at an
early morning gathering of 91 new and old legislators in an event
sponsored by the freshmen caucus in the Michigan House.
Rep. Lesia Liss (D-Warren) one of the co-chairs of this
bi-partisan gang of 44 was beside herself at the success of the meeting.
"I was surprised. I did not think we could make this work," and
she credits the appearance of Mr. Bi-Partisan for driving up the
Mr. Snyder also met in private with House Democrats. It went
"I thought his openness, the way he addressed the crowd was very
unexpected," reflects Democrat Mark Meadows of East Lansing.
And apparently the rest of the House D's concurred as they gave
the Republican governor in-waiting a standing ovation when it was over.
For his part Mr. Snyder was all smiles.
"I really appreciate the reception from the legislature. It's
been fabulous," he gushed.
Aw, but.
It is so easy to talk about cooperation now. Every governor
from the start of time has professed the desire to foster same. But
when the votes get tough, and the rhetoric gets heated and the two
parties head for their respective corners, bi-partisanship can remain
only a hyphenated word.
Snyder, in his characteristic upbeat manner, brushes that aside.
"You start with this. You start by building relationships of
trust and have an open dialogue," he repeats his mantra.
At this read, there is no proof it won't work but this is
during the honeymoon.
For those who believe in signs, it should be noted that on the
day he laid the foundation for a "new culture" of cooperation in this
town, they also put up the state capitol Christmas tree.
Make of that what you will.


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