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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Snyder May Pick Dillon

If Republican Rick Snyder decides to tap Andy Dillon as the new state
treasurer, Mr. Snyder can probably get away with that, but if he starts
picking "true Blue" Democrats for his new administration, he's looking
for trouble.
It's been reported that Mr. Snyder and the soon-to-be former
Democratic Speaker of the House Mr. Dillon have been talking about the
appointment. They did so right after Mr. Snyder became governor-elect.
Underscore here, it is not a done deal.
At last check Mr. Dillon was "intrigued" by the possibility but was
dead tired of the drive each day from Redford to Lansing. Plus he is a
little burned out on politics having been slapped around by his own
party during his unsuccessful bid for governor last summer.
Nonetheless he fits the profile for the incoming governor i.e. lots
of outside business acumen coupled with some inside Lansing stuff under
his belt, too.
If Mr. Snyder and Mr. Dillon reach an accord, some Republicans may
grumble about picking a Democrat, but Dillon is seen by some as more of
a GOPer than a Democrat, so Mr. Snyder can pull this one off.
However, as suggested in the lead paragraph, if he goes with other
names such as a Lynn Jondahl, or Maxine Berman, former liberal D
legislators, the conservative wing of the GOP will go nuts.
There is already chatter below the radar from some elements that
are not happy that Mr. Snyder has even said he would bring Democrats
into his administration.
"Don't we have enough qualified Republicans to fill all those
spots?" was the question from on GOP insider.
Storm clouds could be on the horizon, if Mr. Snyder goes too far.
We should know about the safer Dillon notion later this week.


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