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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Grab the Remote

Alright already with the campaign commercials!
The only folks who are happy are the TV station owners who are
raking in the cash. As for everybody else, you have had it up to here.
So why are the spots still on the air?
Good question.
With only two to three percent of the voters undecided, maybe
the candidates think their ads will sway voters one way or the other.
Fact is many of those on-the-fence types will not vote.
And every candidate is conflicted. They know they may be
tossing money down a rat hole, but they don't want to wake up the day
after the election having lost and wonder, "If I had only run a few
So whether you like it or not, they are here to stay until
Tuesday night.
But please take this to heart, if you have made your decision
on whom to support based on those ads, do our Democracy a favor and
don't vote.
The politicians know that most voters don't pay much attention,
don't do any research on the candidate's stance on issue, and so the
commercials become the most effective way to win.
But as you may know, not all of the info in those ads is
accurate or dare we say, true.
Politicians get away with political murder and if they get
called on it, most voters don't even know that.
And as for all the negative ads, citizens readily complain they
do not like them, but here's the harsh reality gang: If the ads did not
work, the candidates would waste millions of dollars running them.
With the end in sight, you will mentally tune out the remaining
commercials or you can use that little device in your hand…aren't
remote controls grand.


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