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Thursday, November 25, 2010

T.G. Stuffing

The news watch never stops so even though it is Turkey Day, the suits
want the beast fed, so open wide.
Today's offering is on the lighter side since you will be filled up
with other stuff soon.
Insiders report that the governor-elect is poised to make some more
Rick Snyder will select Mike Cox for a new post: Director of
Parties. Think Kwame Kilpatrick.
He will also tap Virg Bernero to run the administration's new anger
management program.
There's been some angst between the new attorney general and the
incoming governor, so the pro-active Mr. Snyder is going to ask Bill
Schuette to resign and become governor instead. Schuette wants the job
but has to wait perhaps eight years to get it. Snyder figures, why wait.
Andy Dillon is also having second thoughts about keeping the state
Treasurer's job. This is in keeping with Mr. Dillon's M.O. of not
being able to decide what the heck he wants to do. For example, it
took him two years to figure out if he wanted to run for governor.
It can also be reported that before he picked Dennis Muchmore to be
his Chief of Staff, he first offered the post to one Jennifer Granholm.
She turned him down saying based on her eight years of experience, he
doesn't need a COS.
And finally, everyone in town is wondering what the current gov.
will do after January one? Here's the inside intel on that: A
prominent cable network is set to announce that Ms. G. and Sarah Palin
will anchor a new program entitled: Two Babes in the Woods.
Pass the dessert. (BTW, none of the stuffing in this turkey of a
blog is true..if you have not already figured that out.)


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