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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dillon: Mr. Can't Decide

Soon-to-be ex-House Speaker and soon-to-be new State Treasurer Andy
Dillon will never be given the nickname "Trigger-Happy."
Not by a long shot if you'll forgive the pun!
Dillon is Mr. Should-I-Or-Shouldn't-I when it comes to politics.
On the last day to file for his first bid for the Michigan House
there was Redford's favorite son, Mr. Dillon, contemplating whether to
file or just stay out of the race.
He, of course, filed and soon found himself in the thick of things
in Lansing and eventually became the top Democratic Dog as Speaker.
Then came the laborious process of deciding whether to kick it up
a notch by running for governor.
For the vast majority of folks who decide to do that, they've
known it for years and making the final leap is not that big a deal.
Not with Mr. Dillon. He took two loooong years to decide and even when
he did, there were some in this town who felt he still didn't have the
perquisite fire in his belly to pull it off.
He did not and let a twenty point lead slip away which allowed Mr.
Fire-in-His-Belly, Virg Bernero, to nail the Democratic nomination
leaving the reluctant Mr. Dillon to contemplate, what if?
Ah, but the story goes on with the same M.O.
Turns out Mr. Dillon and one Mr. Rick Snyder spent some time
chatting during the campaign and when they counted the votes, it was
Mr. Snyder who came a-knockin' once again at Mr. Dillon's door.
Would you be my new state treasurer?
In typical fashion, Mr. Dillon did not say yes or no.
He worried about the daily drive from home to the capitol; he had
done it for what seemed like forever. One friend also reported, Mr.
Dillon was not exactly eager to jump back into the political fire, but
in the end, he said yes.
But on the day he was trotted out to the media, the first words
out of his mouth with Mr. Snyder standing at his side were, "I wasn't
certain this was the right move for me."
At least he's honest…and consistent.
Wonder if he has this much trouble deciding what to have for


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