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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Virg Had No Chance

If God was a Democrat and had sent down a saint to run for
governor, the saint would have lost. That's how bad it was on November
2 according to pollster Bernie Porn from EPIC-MRA.
But for all you Republicans gloating over running the table and
capturing every office under the sun, Porn has some advice for you,
too. "It was not about liking Republicans." He asserts the voters were
just "spanking the Democrats."
A perfect storm slammed into Virg Bernero's ill-fated from the
start campaign. Porn says the race was over after the primary and
Bernero never had a chance.
Here's why: (1) A whopping 70% of the independent voters went for
Rick Snyder. That's unbelievable. (2) The young first-time voters who
flocked to the polls for Barack Obama in 2008 were AWOL for Mr.
Bernero. (3) The 39% voter turn out in Detroit was miserable (3a) Mayor
Dave Bing "had no impact" Porn reflects and to boot only 55% of the
union house holds voted for Bernero.
Add it all up and there was no way for the math to add up to a
Bernero victory.
Couple that with the wrong-headed decision to retread the
"He-shipped-jobs-to-China" commercials. "It didn't work and the
commercials should have been re-tooled," Porn advises.
Plus Bernero "never introduced himself to the voters" and Snyder
did that from the get go and by the time the Lansing Mayor got around
to doing that, two weeks before the election, the dye was cast. The
voters knew and were comfortable with the Snyder persona and were still
trying to figure out who Bernero really was.
Call it a bad day at the office for Democrats who saw the office of
governor slide easily into the hands of the non-career politician from


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