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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wet Behind the Ears

If you're hunting for a label to slap on the new state government
that takes over on January first, stop hunting.
"Inexperienced" works.
65 new House members out of 110.
29 new comers in the Michigan Senate. (A bunch are former house
One brand new, never been in town before, governor and his cabinet
of newbies and as if that is not enough, look for about 10% of the
state work force to be brand-spanking new, too.
The state bureaucracy gets little attention except when candidates
running for office try to exploit it as they pander for votes.
"Elect me and I'll show those over-paid state workers a thing or
two," is sometimes the pitch.
Well turns out 4,755 of those workers have had it up to here and
are splitting faster than you can say,"Buy-out.' Mind you, these are
the senior, senior members of the state government work force with,
nobody knows, how many combined years of experience.
They're out the door by January first, the very day that all the
other wet-behind-the-ears crowd comes in the door. Please observe
which group will be smiling.
The 4,700 workers amounts to about 10 percent of the work force
and the retirements cut across all departments with the Human Services
Department taking one of the larger hits. These are the folks who deal
with foster children, welfare families and abused children.
It's not clear how many of these will be replaced with newer and
less experienced workers? The current governor has said two for three
is the goal, but the in-coming governor could change the ratio if he
sees fit.
So if you are one of those who thinks experience in government is
a waste of your previous tax dollars, get out your New Year smiles
because "inexperience" is now the word of the year.


Blogger retvet242 said...

And look at just what all that "experience" has brought to Michigan...I've been on the campaign trail with many new candidates for local, state, and Congressional races since April, the objective is to take back government from the "experienced" politicos that have created this mess over the people's objections...

We obviously have everyone's attention now, so let the "newbies" speak for us, rather than the union bosses and the corporate raiders...unlike most voters in the State, I have read the State Constitution, and am familiar with many of the issues and legislation which has led Michigan to the bottom of the nation in most areas of economic and educational opportunities which create a strong economy and pleasant living environment...

The old guard wasn't governing "for the people", let's see if the new guard does...

November 18, 2010 at 5:36 AM 

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