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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Governor Impatient

If the governor had another name it would surely be Gov. Impatient.
By her own admission she concedes that she wants everything done yesterday and if not before. So imagine the shock to her system as she again finds herself embedded in another budget mess with no end in sight.
"It's ridiculous," she blurted out the other day, "that we're now at the end of August and we're not there yet" on a budget agreement. Is your head nodding in agreement as you read that?
Asked why it is taking so long, she opined that no one expected to make all these "incredibility painful" decisions about cutting deep into state services and at one point she caught herself as she was about to say something negative about her "partners" in the budget process. She quickly swallowed those words and stayed on a positive note.
She even rebuffed an opportunity to take a shot at her GOP Senate nemesis Mike Bishop. The Oakland County lawmaker and the governor are not the best of buds.
Bishop recently accused her of "orchestrating" a state government shutdown to force lawmakers to boost taxes.
"I'm not going to take the bait," she demurred but in a flash of passion she suggested it was "Utterly preposterous" that she wanted to close state government.
Even though nobody asked her, you can tell she is running out of patience with these guys and vice versa. But she has no choice. She can't make a deal by herself and she's not ready to call anybody out for messing this up.
"Ever yone is bargaining in good faith," she reassured an unconvinced capitol press corps, which has chronicled this gang that can't shoot straight for too many years.
Capitol observers know that if everyone wanted the budget done, it would get done sooner than later, but not with this bunch.


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