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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jones Returns Bridge Money

In a world where the motto is: "Go along, to get along," Rep. Rick
Jones didn't get the memo.
The Grand Ledge Republican lawmaker is making the rest of his
"pals" look bad by taking the action he did the other day.
The news media has been awash lately with reports that the owner of
the Ambassador Bridge has been spreading around money in this town like
you put butter on a piece of toast. It's been thick and pervasive.
The bridge folks want lawmakers to kill a proposed second span
between Detroit and Windsor and so far they are winning.
Rep. Jones got a $500 check for his state senate bid and he
returned the money. What would you expect from a former sheriff? But
then he went on statewide Public TV and proudly announced it.
Jones waxed on how he did not want the appearance that the bridge
guys were influencing his vote on the matter. He even pulled the
canceled check out of his pocket and gave it to reporters.
So you're thinkin' what's so bad about that?
Well once he plopped the check on the table, one reporter asked if
the other lawmakers who had accepted the checks had an ethical
appearance problem?
Oh. Oh.
Jones dove for the high grass and back peddled faster than Lance
Armstrong. The self-righteous lawmaker opined that he was only
speaking for himself and would not pass judgment on his colleagues.
But the damage was already done.
Citizens are not stupid. If one lawmaker believes taking money
from this group is wrong, what about the those who did not stuff the
dough back in the mail?
Jones looked good. His "friends" in the house and senate...not
so good.
They may not be friends anymore.


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